Freel Aviation Consultant Team (FACT)

 A team of aviation professionals who want to bring simplicity and reliability to you and your aviation related projects.

About Us

Freel Aviation Consultant Team was founded by a current airline executive and a current US legacy airline Captain. Together, with expertise from different sectors in the industry, we make up a team that can handle any consulting need. We structure each form of consulting with safety as our number one priority while ensuring no mountain is too tall for us to climb. We have a diversified team with individuals and resources capable of accomplishing any project you bring.

To facilitate our aviation community to complete your mission.

To become a trusted resource for all things aviation.




(T)o promote safety and growth both personally and professionally with all things aviation.

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Our History

This company was started from past frustrations of complexity. This is what drove us to create a one stop aviation consulting shop. We are your checklist, and your partner. A team with diverse aviation knowledge with expertise in each category of consulting we offer. We look forward to working with you.

Whether it is navigating an airline career path or working with the FAA, we will give you a simple honest assessment of a project.